HotUKDeals Of The Day - Friday 19th December

Rejoice, for it is Black Eye Friday. That spectacular day when idiotic once-a-year drinkers hit the pubs and bars, swilling down more ale in a five-hour period than they’d usually have in an entire season. The NHS is bracing itself for the deluge of broken bones, split lips and, as the name of the day suggests, big shiners on and about the eyes.

What a shame that it isn’t icy out there – it’d be carnage. I’m only jealous – recurring Man Flu has done me in good and proper. Our advice is to stay in where it’s warm and do some online shop browsing instead. Sod everyone else, treat yourself to these pre-Christmas gifts. Props to HotUKDeals, natch.

They say that The Wire is the greatest TV series ever made. Speaking as someone who plied his trade as a cop in Baltimore for four years earlier in the decade, I can admit that it’s scarily realistic.

No hang on, that’s actually some permanent psychological damage caused by watching the first four series back to back in the space of a week. Now you can screw up your own mind as well for less than £40. Seasons 1-4 for £9.99 each here. Do it. Or I’ll bust ya.
(deal found by holly100)

If you’re a lady or a high class transvestite, here’s one just for you. It’s a collection of luxurious No.7 lady products, all housed in a nice box like what a lady would like. All for under £20, AND it’s part of a 3 for 2 deal.

As a retired Baltimore cop, it’s not my field of expertise but I showed a nearby woman a picture of the product and she squealed almost as if she’d just seen a mouse – but a nice mouse, with a box of face-care shit strapped to its tiny back.
(deal found by doodygirl)

Lastly, you’d be mad not to want a 3 metre roll of tin foil for just 29p. Wrap your turkey in it pre-cooking, or, if you’re me, get a couple of rolls, wrap yourself in it and start sweating the flu out while watching an afternoon of Top Gear on Dave. Ta-ra and have a happy Black Eye Friday.
(deal found by muzzysgal)


  • Wife B.
    "big shiners on and about the eyes", jobs done. just smacked ma bitch up for answering back and not having my lunch ready. women KNOW YOUR LIMITS :)
  • Andy D.
    You're not a proper wife beater if you call it 'lunch'
  • Advanced B.
    You've got it all wrong wife beater. What you do is make sure you get 'lunch', but make hers really badly so she get's stomach cramps / food poisoning. A self inflicted beating. That way she stays out the way all weekend leaving you to the rest of the house / pub. And if you've got kids, dump them on the grandparents, explaining you've got to look after her all weekend. Hell, you could go Xmas shopping if you wanted (you know, lingerie demonstrations, strip clubs doing 3 for 2 deals, etc)

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