HMV stumble into movie-streaming game

hmvpa_468x374 HMV are not drowning, but they’re doing a lot of waving at the moment. The beleaguered ‘entertainment retailer’ has recently tried to revamp their stores, removing loads of non-selling CDs and filling the space with gadgets and accessories instead.

Now, they’re having a bash at an on-demand film service in an attempt to rake in some cash and not end up on the scrapheap.

They’ve teamed up with FilmFlex, which it says here is a video-on-demand rental service joint venture between Sony Pictures Television and The Walt Disney Company, and they’ve come up with hmvon-demand. Which looks GREAT. We’re sure they’ll thrive in what is a relatively niche but already overcrowded marketplace (hello to LoveFilm, BlinkBox, YouTube and the oncoming Netflix).

HMV’s offering will be initially available via PCs, with plans to roll it out to other digital devices in the offing. They are also mumbling some stuff about downloading-to-own and, of course, ‘cloud-based storage’

What do you reckon everyone – six months?



  • Dick
    > What do you reckon everyone – six months? That depends on how long the free trials are.
  • Inspector G.
    If HMV went on Dragon's Den then I'm very sure they would leave with nothing. Come on HMV do something with a USP.
  • Steve O.
    £3.99 to download a rental? Fuck off. You can buy most of them on DVD for about that now.
  • Avon B.
    £3.99? For that reason, I'm out.
  • Chris
    Netflix is in dire financial trouble, don't expect that one to last too long.
  • Boris
    Went past HMV at the weekend (on the way to the Bullingdon club reunion if you want a fictional reason) and had a look at the new layout. Nobody there knew anything about all the features of the new gadget crap they had on display - the staff seemed to be avoiding it so they didn't have to answer any questions. Three months - just after the desperate January sales figures come through.
  • Sicknote
    Movie-streaming from HMV, haven't the Piratebay already got the movie-streaming market nailed....?

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