Grimsby stands up to Channel 4

17 January 2014

Grimsby_Town Seemingly learning no lessons from the Poverty Porn TV tipping point of 'Benefits Street' - a programme only watched by a handful, but with the help of hashtags and the less spellcheck friendly end of the internet, were able to decree death to all the participating ‘dol skum with big telleeys’ - it would appear that Channel 4 may've been so affected by the outrage, and rather be noble, apologise for being sneery pointy shits and start making better television, production teams are out scouring the country for locations for new series of Skint.

Not if the good people of Nunsthorpe in Grimsby have anything to do with it.

Oasis Trust founder Steve Chalke has been rallying the townspeople to stand up and tell Skint to keep out, after a production team were seen doing some test screening before Christmas.

Channel 4 have confirmed that - after a successful first series in Scunthorpe - they have indeed been weighing up which areas would be the most hilarious to demonise for a new series. How lovely.

Mr Chalke, whose foundation runs both Oasis Wintringham Academy and Oasis Nunsthorpe Academy, has also been in contact with the residents of both Scunthorpe and Birmingham (where Benefits Street is filmed) in trying to repair the damage done by the shows, with the principal Mark Gillyon sending letters to parents, asking them to let the school know if they are approached to participate.

Nunsthorpe had already had a taste of this when ITV’s Exposure: Driven From Home highlighted the anti-social scenes on the estate, so sensitively filmed that two families were – DO? YOU?? SEE??? – driven from home, and fled the area immediately afterwards. Some cock-tip would probably call that meta.

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  • Bif M.
    Are you knew here Ian? Please say your Lucy's replacement.
  • Gordon B.
    Ah, I remember the good old days before austerity when full stops were in plentiful supply and not rationed. In those days you could read a whole paragraph without gasping for air due to neverending sentences.
  • Kevin
    'a programme only watched by a handful' 5.1 Million are a handful now are they? More than double Panorama or Big Brother. If people want to participate then they will. Of course it's one-sided but it doesn't stop the carefully trimmed facts being true. Some people taking part in any of these programmes are loving the exposure they get!
  • coswallop
    Worst [Fullstop] Article [Fullstop] Ever [Fullstop]
  • OldGit
    Try Nottingham, lots of lovely locations.
  • Dick
    > .... with the principal Mark Gillyon sending letters to parents, asking them to let the school know if they are approached to participate. Fairly pointless if the parents are illiterate dole scum.

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