Grand Theft Auto: the vinyl edition

4 November 2014

GTA is a franchise bigger than most films, so it is surprising that they haven't merched the crap out of it. Well hipsters, you're in for a treat because there's going to be a vinyl set of the Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack.

Outstanding work.

gta vinyl Rockstar have announced that there's going to be a limited edition 59-track release of original music from GTA V.

It'll be released on CD as well as vinyl, but to make them more sought after, they'll be in limited runs. Buy one now, flog it for loads of money on eBay in a couple of months.

The 59 tracks are all original music, and sadly not the licensed songs from the radio. However, GTA had some original music from stars on the game, so expect to get A$AP Rocky, Tyler The Creator, Wavves, Flying Lotus, and Yeasayer on your record. There's also some of the incidental score from Tangerine Dream and DJ Shadow.

There'll be six records, a full colour booklet and an exclusive lithograph poster. The CD collection meanwhile, comes on three discs and will have a Grand Theft Auto V gold brick-shaped USB drive, as well as artwork and a poster.

They'll be on sale on December 9th. No price has been announced as yet. They won't be cheap though.

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