Google TV heading for the UK's screens

google TV old Steel yourselves, for Google TV is coming to the UK! Yes, really! It’ll be announced in full later today by chief Googler Eric Schmidt when he makes a big speech at the Edinburgh Televison Festival.

But before he reveals the fine details of it all, the basic upshot is that it will allow you, the Google TV user, to toggle between regular TV viewing and internet browsing on your telly with a single click, without having to faff around with changing over cables and suchlike tomfoolery.

There’ll also be easy access to catch-up services such as BBC iPlayer and the ITV Player, and a high-definition version of YouTube so you can catch up with videos of cats. Better still, this mind-blowing futuristic TV service will be controllable by your smartphone instead of the old fuddy-duddy method of using a remote control.

We’ll bring you more info as soon as Schmidt spills it from out of his Googly facehole later on...


  • Matt
    Sounds a lot like the software in my current Bravia TV... It's not perfect, but iPlayer HD is awesome. It would be nice to have ITV player too, but would I want to buy another device for this... hmmm.
  • james D.
    xbmc plugin?
  • Caoming
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  • PeterCao
    Eric Schmidt in it: [ ]
  • PeterCao
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  • Tweedskin
    @PeterCao You read that on a poorly translated message board? Must be fact....

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