Get your micro-money out - ITV are coming after it

27 July 2011


We like to think we can spot a winner here at Bitterwallet and this one is as close to a dead cert as we’ve ever seen. It’s ITV launching a paid-for aspect to their online ITV Player service. You can pinch yourself if you need to – you’re not dreaming.

The beleaguered broadcaster is readying itself to launch a range of pay systems for you, the lucky viewer, starting in January 2012. As yet, they’re not saying what sort of stuff you’ll be expected to pay for, but they’ve experimented with “register-to-view trials” for Champions League matches, Indian Premier League games, The Only Way is Essex and webisodes of Coronation Street. Websiodes there.

ITV say that they’ll use a micropayment system rather than a fixed subscription, so that if you want to watch a webisode of Corrie, it’ll probably only cost you a few pennies rather than be part of some additional ‘licence fee’.

Come on then readers, share your excitement with us and tell us just how keen you’ll be to fork out for ITV’s online content...


  • james D.
    Release an XBMC app and I might concider giving them some money
  • Your n.
    At least if we're paying then we won't see any adverts, right? ...... Right?
  • rostron71
    Good luck with that - 90% of their output I won't watch for free.
  • Mark C.
    Not standing up for the torrent of arse-dribble that generally spews forth from the ITV channels, but in what sense is a company that posted a rise in pre-tax profits of 73% earlier today 'beleaguered'?
  • mikbak
    Can't even remember the last time I watched ITV...
  • The B.
    People watch ITV?
  • StauntonLick
    Do they still show Heartbeat on sunday nights? That was always fucking depressing.
  • Tweedskin
    Are you sure you've got this the right way round? Surely they'll be making micro-payments to viewers to watch ITV and generate some traffic for them? Surely?
  • zeddy
    I wouldn't give them the reek off my shite!
  • Steve
    ITV charging, lol.
  • Brad
    Ha! Ha! Ha! very funny ITV...oh your for real, they are better off calling it a 'Donation' rather then a 'Charge'
  • tin
    ITV player on Freesat and PS3 hasn't worked properly since it started. Good luck to them with charging for it.
  • yorkieboy
    ? -why would I pay to watch crappy, non-funny pretentious adverts?
  • Grumpy
    Yup. If they released a version of ITV Player which actually worked rather than showing two ads then freezing and making you watch another two ads every time you try to reload the page to watch the show again then I'd happily... oh no, wait... I wouldn't. I wouldn't ever pay to watch I've Got A Celebrity Talent Factor ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. Have yourself a very sweary Christmas, Michael Grade.

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