Get Sky Sports on pay-per-view for £10-a-day

BSkyB have announced that they will be giving NOW TV customers access to Sky Sports channels on a pay-per-view basis for £9.99 a day, which could either be a very smart move or just another half-arsed attempt to rake in some more coin.

While many are still put-off at the notion of signing up for Sky on a long-term basis, this pay-as-you-go move will inevitably see a lot of people jumping at the chance to dip their toe into the world of subscription television for big sporting events.

With Premier League football, El Clasico, cricket, F1, WWE and Masters Golf to plunder, these BSkyB passes could be a goldmine.

NOW TV users already have a similar option with Sky Movies, so the addition of Sky Sports isn't too surprising. BSkyB’s Chief Executive Jeremy Darroch says: "We think most viewers will agree that the day pass is an attractive option. We think the concept will work well with Sky Sports." But then he would say that, wouldn't he?

What do you lot reckon - a good idea for the occasional sports fan or just Sky ripping everyone off?


  • Ruper M.
    G'day bitta wallit. Thanks for publicising my brand new venture. Yes for just £10 a day you can watch al the sky sports channels. So you now have the flexibility of choosing too pay to watch football on Saturday, Sunday and Monday for £30 rather than having a subscription. I'm a fucking god damned genius ya rippa.
  • Studley
    Actually, that's pretty useful for F1 fans without Sky. Cheaper to just buy day-passes for the nine races that are only on Sky, rather than subscribing to the rest of their drab output for the length of the season.
  • eddy k.
    I dont see the problem, £9.99 to watch your team. Its a bargain if your team is not shown on sky tv much.
  • andre
    Studley - if you really like your F1 though a lot of people will want to watch qualifying at least, so you've just had to double that, if you want to watch the practice as well that's triple the price!
  • Kerry P.
    £10 a day? Are they for real? Use the internet and get if for free! Ok the quality isn't always good but it's football for crying out loud. Watch the highlights! Make a stand from these rip off ridiculous prices!
  • Pizza_D_Action
    Did I miss something? "I dont see the problem, £9.99 to watch your team. Its a bargain if your team is not shown on sky tv much." If your team isn't on sky much then why would you want to pay £10 a day to get a sports channel to not watch your team?!?!?
  • firstnameunknown
    Yes Pizza_D_Action, you clearly HAVE missed something. Have another little read/think...
  • Reser
    Why not pay for 1 Month and then cancel the same day? £21 and you get 30 days coverage. You would have to be mad to pay £10 unless you literally only wanted 1 day the entire month. Probably can get it even cheaper then £21 if you only get the channel you need instead of the full package too.
  • Andrew
    @Studley F1 events are over 3 days.... Some months have 3 races, 90 quid? Sky have priced this just too high, 5 quid and i'd do it, I'll stick to my dodgy links until i get a better offer.
  • Dick
    Let's have some Wonga style bashing ... Sky Sports are now charging £3646 for a year's access.
  • Tim B.
    Or download the Android or iOS Sky Sports TV app, and watch it for £5 a month. Bargain compared to the normal subscription price.

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