Get help with what to watch on Netflix

netflix-transparentDo have a Netflix account, and spend most of your time scrolling through endless films, and not actually getting down to watching anything?

There's so much stuff on Netflix, that a lot of things get hidden from you, unless you know exactly what you're looking for, and can tap it straight into the search function on the app.

Well, here's some help. If you click here, you'll see that all of the sub-sections on Netflix are available to you. If you're signed-in to your account, when you click on each section, you'll be able to see what films are available to you.

So, you can choose from the usual things that have come up on your menu, but you'll see that there other ones like 'political comedies', 'b-horror movies', 'latin American movies', 'steamy thrillers', and a whole load more. Obviously, you may have seen these options if you watch a lot of them, but you might not have.

The design of this site is helpful and basic, but does look like crap... but don't let that put you off.

If you want to go even deeper, there's an extended list here. Hopefully, that'll cut down on some of the time you spend searching for films, so you can spend your time actually watching them.

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