Freeview's future is bright

freeview Freeview's future is now secure, thanks to a new deal.

The BBC, Channel 4 and ITV have all stumped up a new £100 million deal to secure Freeview's future.

Part of this is down to them currently working on a secret project that is going to "kill YouTube" apparently, as internet connected TV sets become ever more popular.

The public service broadcasters, along with transmission company Arqiva, are investing the money in Freeview Connect, offering their TV channels and on-demand services – BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD – available as standard on smart TVs with broadband connections.

They are launching Freeview Connect after scaling back their investment in YouView, although they remain shareholders in the rival internet-connected TV service.

Freeview Connect (working title) will be positioned as a service that will make the best of broadcast and on-demand TV available free for everyone.

That's quite good news for anyone who thought the future was going to arrive with YouView five years ago but didn't.

Man, it's like that whole jet packs thing all over again.

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  • Fagin
    Tv has become so shit (in the main) that even my kid of 10 has suggested we just unplug it for a few months as it's a waste of a tv license. We don't want to watch the plethora of "talent" or "celebrity talent" type programmes so the whole lot can fuck off to the proles next door.

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