Freeview HD is in the air, you just can't see it yet

Got Freeview? It just got better! Freeview HD! Suddenly all your favourite non-Sky One programmes are so crisp and detailed you can smell them! Except you can't watch them, because nobody will sell you a household receiver yet. Bah.

Two transmitters covering Manchester and London were switched on today, meaning nearly a quarter of the UK population is bathing in this new HD soup of television signals, broadcast using a new standard called DVB-T2. Unfortunately, there won't be a set-top box that can receive this new type of signal until early next year - engineers are describing today as a technical launch rather than a consumer launch, which won't happen for another four months or so.

Bitterwallet - Freeview HD

Around 40 per cent of the UK population will be covered when the consumer launch occurs, which is likely to increase to 50 per cent in time for the World Cup in South Africa next Summer. Aside from London and Manchester, if you live in Tyneside, West Yorkshire, Birmingham, Liverpool Cheshire, Exeter, Devon, Bristol, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire or Gloucestershire then your luck's in - you too can back England all the way to the Quarter Finals in stunning HD.

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  • Hackanory
    England? Quarter-Finals? Surely they're going to win the world cup, just like all the telly programmes(full of 'celebrities' saying things like '....if we didn't lose to Germany/Brazil/Portugal/Argentina/Croatia, we would have won it that year.....') are going to tell us between now and June. Where were those programmes last summer?!!!
  • Nigel
    "you too can back England all the way to the Quarter Finals" Pessimistic sod :)
  • The B.
    “you too can back England all the way to the Quarter Finals” Optimistic sod.
  • WaWaWa
    Aren't there a number of TV sets with DVB-T2 already available?
  • Jimbodeni
    Doesn't Play TV on the PS3 support HD Freeview?
  • Gunn
    @Jimbodeni, Afraid not
  • PFC H.
    "# Posted by Jimbodeni | December 3rd, 2009 at 1:31 pm Doesn’t Play TV on the PS3 support HD Freeview?" Unfortunately no, PlayTV only supports the FreeviewHD broadcast in the rest of Europe. Annoyingly, the UK is using a different format which is not compatible with PlayTV which can't be utilised via a firmware update either.
  • A S.
    “you too can back England all the way to the Quarter Finals” English sod!
  • CompactDistance
    What a load of... the specs have been known for some time, why isn't the consumer equipment ready? Oh well it will eventually become useless when they change something in the spec anyway, causing a whole load of boxes to stop working as has happened several times in the past.
  • MrRobin
    Eh?! So my spanking new HD telly with integrated Freeview tuner will now need an external receiver?! Fuckin muppets!
  • me
    I cant even get channel 4 here in brighton on freeview, or any of the "mux 2" channels as they call them - all because the French dont want to get interferrance!
  • Gunn
    Don't buy integrated electronics then :)
  • james d.
    Nothing for wales then
  • thats r.
    Thats right, absolutely nothing for wales. Thats because they are out of the world cup.
  • Roberto
    so what was the point of freesat if this was on its way?
  • Bob
    Well working for a MAJOR hardware manufacturer I can honestly say that there are NO DVB-T2 chips available for making the dammed set top boxes, IDTV's and TV tuners for PC's !! And when they are available expect to pay a arm and leg for one !, I can understand the reason behind using DVB-T2 tuners but comp aired to the rest of Europe (Sweden, France, Norway, Germany, Italy) we in the UK are yet again a laughing stock !!
  • TeflonMan
    Watch missed penalties in HD?? See every single thread of that waving German flag?
  • andy y.
    Those BBC fuckers better tool up Bilsdale or I'll stick a sheep on it
  • Antony W.
    Has the delay got anything to do with the BBC trying, at the request of rights holders/big studios, to implement DRM on transmissions or program guides? Until this shambles is resolved - hopefully by Ofcom rejecting any DRM for Freeview HD - no sane manufacturer will launch a product, and no sane buyer will buy one.
  • Masood
    That just pisses me right off. I live in Suffolk and dont even have noermal Freeview yet.
  • Tim
    You'll only get BBC HD and the pathetic excuse of a channel that is ITV HD, and even then BBC's bitrate and compression will be so bad it will be indistinguishable from standard def BBC (going by their satellite HD channel which has higher bitrate than Freeview will probably get and still sucks).
  • Nita M.
    Hey could I use some of the insight from this entry if I provide a link back to your site?

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