Find your nearest pub for 3D footy on Saturday

quote-image-01 3D football is about to hit the TV screens of some of the nation’ finest pubs this weekend, as well as some of the shitty ones.

Following a trial in January, Sky are rolling the 3D TV thing out with the Manchester United v Chelsea match on Saturday lunchtime.

Their 3D pub finder has gone live so you can work out where your nearest booze-hole is that will be handing out the special goggles.

If it’s too far away, just pretend you don’t give a toss.

Even though you do. We know you do.


  • CompactDistance
    "The shots from the crowd and behind the goal make it feel like you are there. Spectacular." "It's fantastic, it's just like being at the stadium. Amazing." "It was phenomenal. Far better than I thought it would be. You seem so involved in the game, part of the action. This is the way football should be seen." :| There's only one way football should be seen.
  • Gregor
    my friends experienced it, says it was really good. il be at my local(and work lol) watching it on saturday :D
  • oliverreed
    Amazing, they've managed to make football fans even thicker than they really are
  • Gregor
    well, i was not impressed at all
  • joanne s.
    i need to no were there show in the footy in 3 D live in irlam

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