ESPN announce new pay-sports channel as Setanta is erased from history

As expected, ESPN have announced the launch of a new channel, set up primarily to show their booty of 46 live Premier League games. The rights matches were originally held by the ill-fated Setanta Sports until they went colossally tits-up last month.

The channel, which will have the snappy title of ESPN, will launch on August 3rd, just under two weeks before the start of the Premier League season. The broadcaster have agreed a carriage deal with Sky and Rupert Murdoch’s killer broadcasting lizard will also sell ads for the new channel. Further announcements about other UK pay-TV platforms are expected in the near future.

Current Sky Sports subscribers will have to pay £9 per month to add ESPN to their existing package while non-subscribers will have to fork out £12 per month. Which doesn’t seem all that different to Setanta’s pricing structure, which has already been proven to be a complete and utter disaster.

ESPN also owns rights to show American football, ice hockey, baseball and college football and basketball throughout Europe and they will be expected to pad out their schedules with some of these lesser sports.

How about it then football fans? Will you stump up almost another tenner a month to watch the matches that Sky didn’t want in the first place? Will you go down the pub whenever your team is on and say ‘sod it’ to the rest of ESPN’s offering? Or will you take advantage of the many illicit online streams of live action that are out there in World Wide Web World? Will ESPN's UK offering be joining Setanta in the Deathwatch dumper this time next year?


  • TV' P.
    You are forgetting Setanta's crazy setup fee of £15! So ESPN is gonna work out a lot cheaper, as I'm sure you will be able to unsubscribe when you feel like it as well, rather than have to talk to god in order to cancel. Also, I assume that this will be covered under sky's mirror subscription offer, rather than having to pay another £2.99 like you did with Setanta. £9 is quite a bit, but its better.
  • acecatcher3
    i think everyones more interested in whats gonna happen to ufc 100 on saturday andy!!!!!!!!!!!!elevenoneoneone!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ronnie
    is ufc that fighting shit? i dont think anyone gives a fuck mate. it's shite. also, £9 for baseball and ice hockey? fuck that, down to the pub to watch whatever game i want to watch.
  • jony
    a step down from setanta no boxing ufc or golf How about it then football fans? Will you stump up almost another tenner a month to watch the matches that Sky didn’t want in the first place? - i think the actual main purporse of this is to give the people who cant afford sky or refuse to pay there rip off prices a chance to watch football not to gain more football for sky users another SKY fanboy
  • chrisg.
    Sky missing a trick here. They could upgrade people on the full package to ESPN ala Virgin with their Setanta deal for XL pack customers. This would give a nice warm feeling to Sky's best customers, and leave Virgin out in the cold in terms of their best customers.
  • The B.
    Dodgeball on ESPN Channel Ocho!!!!!
  • paul
    And it beats Setanta straight away as it will launch an HD channel.
  • Tom
    whoever pays for ESPN is a MUG
  • bitterwalletiscrap
    The price of £9 for ESPN is better than the £12.99 for Setanta a Sky Sports subscriber would have to pay however it was always possible to get setanta for £6.50 by ringing & threatening to cancel. Just by having the HD channel makes it a better option imho. Also its not that sky didn't want these matches, they couldn't buy all the premier league games as the rules don't allow one broadcaster to take the lot.
  • CompactDstrxion
    If you didn't care about the quality then what would you have to lose by streaming matches from the Internet instead? Surely you aren't breaking the law by watching.
  • bob
    Who wants to watch more english shite anyway, What a saving.
  • m0ck
    first off to ronnie who said hed rather go down the pub to watch every game than pay £9 a month, U R A IDIOT! unless you spend less than £9 a month when you go to the pub to watch the games. and if you do i wouldnt like to be your local landlord. second to every1 saying sky shud have got the games or wow they missed the trick there. it is actually illegal in the uk for any 1 company to own all the rights to the premier league.
  • The F.
    sky sports show the pick of the action. for all else, just listen to the bloody scores live on the radio,or on Final Score, then watch the highlights on the legendary MOTD. ESPN my arse.
  • Paul
    There's absolutely no way ESPN is better value than Setanta (unless you like US sports.) Setanta had some pretty decent boxing bouts (none on ESPN), a separate golf channel included in the subscription price (no golf on ESPN AFAIK), GAA (hurling and gaelic football which I love!), Magners League rugby union, 70 live Scottish Premier League matches, Celtic TV, Rangers TV, Live Aussie Rules and Aussie rugby league matches, mixed martial arts, a separate sports news channel...... No comparison really.
  • jinkssick
    Its cheaper than going down to the pub. I stream, illegally as some idiots would say. This is good for the large concensus of Americans living in the UK. Pretty decent still.
  • Mongalicious
    Sky get the pick of the action? Did any of you lot watch any Setanta matches last season? I can't remember such a good Prem season for exciting football and quite a lot of it was on the late Saturday or Monday night kick off's. Arsenal had about five or six games at the beginning of the season (Remember? They were good back then) and whilst it breaks my heart to say it, I can recall three or four shit-hot games involving Villa (we hate those bastards in claret and blue). Given that Setanta had the minority share of matches, I don't think they did too bad. However, the quality of the presentation left a hell of a lot to be desired - Chris Waddle commentating? Steve McManaman as a pundit? Someone get me an interpreter, I'm going to lose it in a minute.... Oh yeah, and trying to cancel the sub? Fuck off.....
  • ronnie
    reply to m0ck. i think you need to learn to read mate. in my post is the word "whatever" meaning i'll chose a game i want to see, not pay £9 a month even if no game on there interests me. i think i watched 5 setanta games at the pub all last season which was better than paying £12.99 a month , every month even when the season ends. in truth, i'll probably watch espn even less as my team were relegated last season because they're shite! so i'll no doubt save even more pub money!
  • Neal
    Setanta was available via a Freeview box and cost £10.99 yes ? ESPN is only via Sky who insist you must buy their variety pack at the very least at £16 per month now add ESPN at £12 so in fact I must now pay £28 per month plus a one off £30 Sky connection charge if I wish to see games.
  • Sover
    ESPN will not only be available via Sky. It will be on VM & BT too. £9 is a bit steep though £90/ 46 games for the season when PremPlus was available for £50 / 50 games a season. Re: Mongalicious, Arsenal were shit early in the season - that was their worst period. Wont be going for £9 a month though. Streams for the gooner games and ignore the rest.
  • SteveB
    When will they learn that this is not competition! ?! IMO any provider should be able to bid for as many matches as they like. This should lead to some games being available on more than one channel, and then you have competition. This will lead to better prices for customers and better quality broadcasting. At the moment Sky have no reason to lower the price, if you want the best matches from the English Premier League, you get Sky, simples.
  • Neal
    VM and BT still require you to take out packages . Any tips on the best Streaming sites please ?
  • Sick M.
    Reply to Ronnie - you are what is known in the business as a knob jockey my good man. UFC is the best thing to come out of the fighting scene since the birth of Ali. There is a reason why it is the FASTEST growing sport in the world today. Your precious english football is now in the shadow of the mighty Primera Liga so fuck your football. UFC is the best sport to grace our world and we can all thank Dana White and all the great fighters involved for providing us with this awesome sport. Ronnie=Knob
  • dbrum6
    all i want to know is will espn's new sports channel be on the cable and freeview platforms and would it cost more than greedy sky
  • henry
    sky espn have now bought the spl between them. does that mean the tenner covers this or will that be more sovs again?
  • Dazza1111
    The hope is they will pick up on the hole left by Setanta and buy other sports like boxing - anyone who wants boxing on ESPN go here, and register your interest:
  • Matt111
    Any news as to whether ESPN UK will coverage the NRL, it was on Setanta but no mension of it on ESPN yet.
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