‘Eeee, I could murder a Nespresso, Betty.’

British TV used to be refreshingly free of product placement, with people in Emmerdale religiously turning their Corn Flakes packets away from the camera and Rita from the Kabin selling dummy copies of ‘Hiya!’ magazine.

But 2 years after Ofcom relaxed regulations, a report by KPMG today predicted a big growth in product placement on UK TV.

The report, catchily entitled 'Taking a subtle approach: How product placement will breathe a new lease of life into UK TV advertising', basically said that it will soon be more common to see newsreaders wearing hats with ‘Foxybingo.co.uk’ written on them in luminous pink.

Product placement deals since the Ofcom ruling have included the appearance of Nationwide cash-machines on Coronation Street and prominent positioning of a Nescafe Dulce Gusto coffee machine on This Morning. Also, everyone in Hollyoaks now has a Nokia, and looks at it every five minutes.

KPMG’s Clement Chan said: ‘Technology continues to disrupt the way content is consumed, content creators are hungry for new revenue models and consumers seem to be increasingly comfortable with the idea of product placement on UK TV'

This report was brought to you by Lucy Sweet (sponsored by Harvey’s Furniture).


  • Eh?
    How often do people really go looking for product placement in soaps? I mean until it was pointed out in this article, i didn't even realise the newsagents had a cashpoint, let alone it was a Nationwide one There is bugger all wrong with subtle product placement, you know, things you expect to see, it's when it's blatantly rammed down the throats that it is a problem, as you say "Eeee, I could murder a Nespresso, Betty", whereas "Eeee, I could murder a coffee, Betty." (subsequently made from a Nespresso machine) isn't as unexpected or awful.....
  • Big M.
    What products would they put in Kevin Webster's garage?
  • I T.
    @Big Mozzer Probably a Crucifix, Rosary, Bible or some other Catholic artifact.
  • chewbacca
    Betty's dead. Are we to understand that there will be some sort of Corrie ouija board in a forthcoming episode? BW - you utter fucking morons.
  • hambalapa
    I am often puzzled as to why, if there is a laptop in a BBC program or drama, it is almost always an Apple.
  • Zleet
    Had to happen, advertising revenues have fallen and everyone fast forwards through ads. I find it hilarious in American shows when they will be sitting in a car and comment on its functions in an obvious plug or pull out a Microsoft tablet to do anything internet related.
  • pete
    'Also, everyone in Hollyoaks now has a Nokia, and looks at it every five minutes.' Well, that's not too bad. If the programme was true to life the teenagers would look at their Nokia every five seconds.
  • Mad H.
    @pete - if it was true to the life of anyone, it wouldn't be a Nokia
  • Phuck Y.
    Soaps are just one big fuck-off advert now. Not much point watching, as ITV is just all advert breaks now.

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