Drunk fry-up eating soap characters promote bad health

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always used Stan Ogden as my template for health and wellbeing. String vest, an alcohol problem, a fry up every morning, and a blocked pulmonary artery by lunchtime. Soap characters influence everyone’s daily habits, don’t they? I mean, we're always driving our cars into the canal and being taken hostage at the knicker factory.


Well, so John Moore’s University Business School in Liverpool seem to believe. Today they warned that soap characters are responsible for promoting unhealthy lifestyles, after assessing 830 scenes from Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. (Apparently this is an actual job).

Researchers found that the only character seen eating fruit was Denise Fox from Eastenders, who was eating a tangerine while lying on the floor pissed out of her head.

Diorean Maddock from the British Heart Foundation got stuck in, saying:
‘Walford, Coronation Street and Emmerdale would be much healthier places if their famous residents were served up a more balanced diet, got active and drank only the recommended amount of alcohol when the cameras are rolling.’

Will soaps take this on board? Will we see Phil Mitchell eating his five a day and everyone drinking 2-3 units at the Rovers? Or, maybe someone could come to their senses and realise that soaps are FICTIONAL?


  • bobinio
    Phil Mitchell in the Rovers? Pretty sure he is in Eastenders.
  • Justin A.
    Assessing 830 scenes in soap operas is an actual job? I'm surprised that working on such poor TV shows is an actual job.
  • shiftynifty
    Is that bloke in the pic hailing the story with his beer that lucy wrote...or is he just pissed...
  • Strawbear
    (Apparently this is an actual job). This from someone writing for BW?! And it's more likely to be part of research for a degree, it being an University and all.
  • Sicknote
    Sad fat fuckers sat on their Argos sofas watching shitty TV - that's you that is.

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