Deathwatch - will Setanta be sent off this month?

It all started going a little Pete Tong for Setanta in February, when the Premier League gave half of Setanta's matches to Sky. The loss of Monday night games sparked concerns amongst investors, and now The Guardian is reporting that Setanta could collapse in the next month, if it can't renegotiate expensive contracts and bring in new funding.

Some sporting bodies such as the US PGA Tour, are said to be willing to re-consider the terms of their contracts. However the likes of the Premier League and the FA are insisting their deals are honoured in full, and those are the contracts that matter - not only because the numbers involved are huge (their new three year deal with the FA is costing Setanta £150 million) but because they're key to maintaining subscription numbers.

According to The Guardian, Setanta's last £10m fee to the FA was late, the next £10m instalment is due next month, with a payment of around £35m due to the Premier League immediately following the end of the season.

For those of you who ideally like to see Setanta buried in a landslide of heavy rock and faeces, you may soon get your wish.

[The Guardian]


  • Joff
    Hope not, IPL is on Setanta.
  • ronnie
    please be true! woohoo! i'll be clicking my heals along the street if these bastards go under. twats rob you blind then will not let go if you cancel. getting their just desserts as far as i'm concerned. customer service on par with old ntl!
  • andy y.
    The FA would be fools to accept a lower contract price it opens the door for Sky to come back to the table and demand similar treatment.If you sign a deal that later you can't afford it's tough shit. Setanta want to join a long list of companies that made fucking stupid decisions and now pay the facile credit crunch argument to weasel out.
  • ronnie
    I hope sky are allowed to take the whole lot back. Personally, i've never had a problem with sky. Obviously other peoples experiences may be different. I remember when sky were forced to drop out of having all the contracts and some wanker monopolies commisioner said it was better for the customer giving them more choice. Er, no. what actually happened was sky showed less matches but kept their price the same (my only real grumble with sky sports). You could've originally picked and chosen a game of your choice on prem plus matches for an extra fee, but when setanta came along you were forced into an full extra monthly subscription for every game whether you wanted to watch it or not! That did piss me off. So now, i've cancelled my setanta, (eventually after much trouble), and cancelled sky sports aswell! now i just go the pub when i want to watch a game or watch them live via the laptop hooked up to the tv at home free of charge. Fuck them all! Robbing bastards!
  • scribbles
    Best news i've heard all day. Setanta are the biggest chancers in the subscription TV market. Having thought they might have turned a corner in customer service in Feb by introducing a 3pm slot for RacingUK on S1 for the ordinary guy, then realising that it was just promo for RUK subscriptions approaching the Cheltenham Festival, I have now realised that they are just a bunch of money grabbing bastards with an agenda. Unless you like copious amounts of SPL and PGA golf, accompanied by obscure stuff like aussie rules football, and the occasional ryman league game (The Red Lion XII v Dog & Duck Chargers), then Setanta offers nothing that the AVERAGE sports fan would be interested in. A subscription service should be based around more than a couple of premiership games per week, and bolstered up with shite that 30% of people want to watch. I have free Setanta on BTV and I never watch it. I wouldn't give a fuck if it dissapeared tomorrow to tell the truth.
  • Lumoruk
    Any word on TopUpTV going under?
  • Pablonezazi
    I think Setanta aimed high and without the backing that Sky have, they have failed miserably. Personally I had no grumble wit Setanta as there was no real minimum contract (which is good) and they did actually cancel my subscription when I asked them to! I have heard of many complaints but I have no problems with them and I would rather have Setanta than Sky, where you have to get the "packs" before you can take the Sports or movies packages. It's far too much extra to pay for what you actually get.
  • Mike
    Depends tho, Setanta was good for me when it was mostly Premier League football, no way Im going to pay more to get less things (nothing) I will watch.
  • Honky S.
    Fuck IPL, who the fuck do you support (Twats)
  • crofter
    So I take it all you Sky subscribers will be hoping that Setanta does go under ... but to me I think it may be quite a sad thing as ANY competition to Sky has got to be a good thing (in the long run). I wonder if you Sky boys and girls will be so happy once Sky start slotting their prices up again with no competition to stop them doing as they please. But I think that The Premier League should actually have thought about this before they started handing out the contracts because now Sky with no competition will be able to table a vastly reduced bid the next time these contracts become renewable.
  • Alan
    setanta's picture is dreadful. BBC were showing highlights the other day on sunday night and when it came to setanta, it looked like it was being filmed through a sieve.
  • rupert
    If only sky would go under too.
  • Ten B.
    [...] As the cliche goes, they think it’s all over – it really could be now for Setanta. [...]
  • piggeh
    hmmm.. I hope they don't go under, but their CS does appear to be shocking, and the picture aint great. But, they show conference football and doubt anyone else would pick it up. :(

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