Deathwatch: Setanta lose 2009-10 Premier League matches

The end is almost certainly nigh for Setanta after they failed to make a payment that was due to the Premier League at the end of today. The company have now lost the rights to 46 Premier League games for the coming season, and the rights will now be auctioned, with bids due in by Monday.

The Premier League said it had "been working with Setanta for some time to help them continue as the broadcaster of 46 UK live matches for the 2009/10 season" adding, “It is with considerable regret that we announce that Setanta has been unable to meet their obligations. As such the existing licence agreement between us has been terminated with immediate effect."

As Sky are not permitted to bid for the full package, it is expected that ESPN will snap up some of the matches.


  • Tony Q.
    Ding dong the witch is dead!
  • chrisg.
    Further proof that if you treat your customers like dirt, you get what's coming..
  • Simon
    Good riddance to Setanta and their shoddy customer-service tactics. Ryanair next.
  • Tom P.
    It's all fun and games now (lack of more like). I thought that Russian dude (with absolutely no links to the Russian mafia) was going to take over this carcass.
  • dan
    Nice one was feeling a bit rough today this just cheered me up.
  • Mark
    I laughed so hard when I saw the offer they gave to Sky was rejected. Basically "You give us £50 million and we'll 'let' you wholesale Setanta to your customers... and take over all customer service responsibilities while we reap in the cash" In a sane world, they'd be giving Sky the £50 million for that
  • Dean
    Fantastic. The coverage is soooo poor. Even with a HD Box and HD TV, everything looks fuzzy and you never get a clear crisp picture like Sky or the BBC. Evn ITV let Setanta do all the camera work for their shows so maybe now their Champions league coverage will be better. Lets hope the BBC bid for the remaining FA Cup and England games!
  • steve j.
    good now all we need is the champions league taking off ITV as them and setanta coverage is still in the 1970s with the camera work ETC. thought BBC was bad but i forgive them come on BBC make a bid for the coverage and i will even go so far as to say the tv license fee is worth every penny compared to the rip off of setanta (R.I.P.Setanta)
  • Ben
    "Lets hope the BBC bid for the remaining FA Cup and England games!" What have those matches got to do with anything? They have only lost 2009-2010 premier league matches!!!
  • Paul
    Those scunners at Virgin Cable better be offering a much reduced fee for their XL TV subscribers (which has the six Setanta channels included.) Either that or one of the Sky Sports channels as compensation. If they don't I'm off.
  • bskyb
    @paul, you do realise you got it FREE on the XL package, you were never paying for it in the 1st place.
  • andy y.
    But many regard it as integral reason tio take XL
  • gollum
    @bskyb - it's very naive to think it was free. It was paid for by someone and part of that cost is passed on to XL subscribers.
  • Paul
    If Virgin XL customers paying top whack get no money off or compensation for Setanta loss we're going to have the Sky One kerfuffle all over again..
  • steve j.
    to Ben posted 20/06/09 ,what has champions league got to do with setanta as you say they only lost premiere league 2009/2010 matches? what planet you on its goodbye setanta unless you got a few pounds going spare to help them out to cover the coverage of the rest of the sport they did supply, which will go soon, but i dont think so no disrespect to you, but also agree England matches should be on terrestaral TV. as every other countries national teams matches are, and if it they were only shown on a subscription channel that country would not stand for it only english accept being ripped off without complaining to the goverment etc!
  • bskyb
    @gollum, the prices (apart from annual increases) didnt increase when it was implemented into the XL package, therefore, yes its free

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