Consumer rebellion to derail X Factor Christmas single train

Ah The X Factor. Who would have thought five seasons later anyone would still be watching, never mind getting upset about the results. This year Alexandra Burke won the contest with a take on the oft-covered Leonard Cohen song Hallelujah.

Perhaps this is the year Brits have finally have had enough of being spoon fed regurgitated X Factor tripe for their Christmas music consumption. An online movement protesting the Alexandra Burke cover has sprung up with members using their consumer power to indicate their distaste. The purpose of the movement is to purchase Jeff Buckley's iconic cover from 1994 thus pushing it up the charts above Burke's version.

On HUKD the Alexandra Burke single offer has been voted down to a chilly -388 degrees while andywedge's listing of places to purchase the Buckley version is roasting at 804 degrees. If you wish to enter the fray there are already 208 comments on the post.

Elsewhere on Facebook a group, Jeff Buckley for Xmas no 1 has been launched and already attracted 21,025 members.

The official charts update weekly on Monday so it will take some time before the results of the rebellion can be gauged. The iTunes charts which update dynamically are showing Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah has climbed to number 7 in the top ten, however the Burke single is yet to be launched.

Whatever the outcome Leonard Cohen is surely grinning madly as the surge of sales, whether from Burke or Buckley, can only help out his bottom line. Bitterwallet's recommendation? We say go buy Israel's 1979 Eurovision entry instead. If that doesn't confuse the powers that be nothing will.


  • jez
    ill be happy to see all their faces when the xfactor goes number 1 :)
  • Ducky
    I think you missed the facebook campaign to Rick Roll Christmas!!!
  • Mark 50,000 members and counting.
  • Rubisco
    So, they're sticking it to the man by organising the mass purchase of a track most of them already own from Columbia records, a corporate entity? Effectively paying record execs a lot of money for the privilege of voting Jeff Buckley better than Alexandra Burke? Now where have I seen a similar process recently?
  • Lumoruk
    thanks for that, think I'll buy both just to be safe
  • Netizen
    How sad. Would these people be the same 'serious' music fans who don't pay attention to the singles chart? Why on earth would it matter to them who's no.1!
  • Dan
    I will bet anyone all my wealth that X Factor make number one, despite these rather lame attempts at trying to change things. I don't like this version of the song, I did like the X Factor.
  • spongebob
    was the israel entry abani bi abani ba by any chance? Think i remember that one...... and no i did'nt google it.
  • Donnacha D.
    People are forgetting that a Christmas No. 1 is not just for Christmas, it's for life. Whichever wins will be played for years to come. Personally, I'm just bummed the John Cale version isn't on iTunes.
  • Netizen
    @Donnacha: Cheap music TV countdowns excepted, your argument falls down under the weight of Mr Blobby. Thank god!
  • Dan
    x what?
  • Ray W.
    This is all stupid IMHO. Well I am no teenager being a retired guy and huge music lover, but I must say strongly that Alexandra Burke is a rare talent indeed and I predict will have a huge career, unlike many X Factor finalists (Leona Lewis being also an exception though I personally prefer Alexandra). I also use my real name like a few others here and not silly ones as I have nothing to hide or be ashamed of posting. I also hugely love Buckley’s and Cohen’s versions of Hallelujah and love Cohen’s music period. I also hate the “candy floss” pop type approach to be honest, but Alexandra Burke will show she is miles above that so don’t discount her just because of this initial song choice for her first release. This song would not have been my personal choice for Alexandra’s debut single as she performed far better suited songs during the earlier shows (like live show 8 for example). Some classic songs she performed better than the originals IMHO and made them very special. One thing is for sure you cannot fault Alexandra’s voice, her determination and the hard work she has put into this. She sings from the heart with excellent vocal range and control, she is here to stay for sure so don’t knock her just because you prefer Buckley’s version of this particular song she has released. She will release new songs later specifically suited and written for her or chosen by her so stay tuned, this girl is very special. So buy this Alexandra version for now and give her a well deserve start to her career, she has a great voice, is very attractive and above all seems a really nice person too so don't let all this crap about which version is best ake that away from her. Then if you don't already own it lets get Buckley's up the charts next year, surely that is the best way as both versions are very valid and Cohen's original too, but Alexandra deserves a good start to her new what will be stunning career so give her this Xmas hit to herself.
  • Byron
    Well you can tell you're retired cos that rant is far too long and ultimately you come out of it appearing sad and desperate
  • Steve J.
    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so! really nice post.
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