Commercial Break: Yodafone, surely!

Hats off to George Lucas who has flicked the proverbial V’s to Star Wars fanboys everywhere yet again by allowing one of his precious ‘characters’ to be used and abused by a giant corporation in one of their adverts.

This time it’s Yoda, who is now shilling for Vodafone, although we’d have thought a ‘Yodafone’ angle would have been more appropriate and at the same time, way more crass.

The more often this happens and the more irate the hardcore fans become, the more we applaud Lucas and his willful neglect of the Star Wars ‘legacy’. After all, it was all screwed the moment the Star Wars Holiday Special appeared…


  • Dick
    Why does Yoda use chopsticks? Can't he just use the force to shovel the food in? If he is willing to use his powers on transferring some data, then why not on food?
  • SgtMunky
    @Dick, did your mother never teach you not to touch your food? The force seems to radiate from Yoda, in which case he might be classed as 'touching' the food :) By the way, I really like this advert
  • Mike H.
    I had a shit that looked just like Yoda. And if he started rifling through my contacts, I'd kick the living shit of the little green twat!

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