Commercial Break: The Tiddy Bear's got its knockers but it's a winner

BW reader Emma tipped us off about this one yesterday and it took two viewings of it and some online research before we were convinced that it was real as opposed to some kind of odd spoofery.

It’s a device aimed at eradicating that recurring problem that leaves millions of car passengers in agony every year – we’re talking of course about nipple chafing caused by seatbelt wearage during automobile travelisation. What a knacker that truly is.

Bring on the Tiddy Bear, who slips comfortably on to any seat belt before nestling over the tender chestal areas, eradicating nip-injuries and making the ride a whole lot smoother.

Might be a coincidence, but is this ad also promoting the services of female ex-newsreader lookalikes? We spied Angela Rippon at 45 secs and that’s definitely a Moira Stuart at around about the minute mark. Hmmm…


  • Joff
    Wasn't this on Tarrant on TV years ago?
  • Andy D.
    Possibly. It certainly isn't new. But the internet isn't a set text. I daresay there's some stuff from a few years ago that even YOU haven't seen yet Joff. Coming up tomorrow. 'Chocolate Rain' and the 'I kiss you' man.
  • Nobby
    I've seen videos of topless ladies riding in cars without seatbelts. They do not get nipple chafing. And it's cheaper. Women, just do it.
  • Mike U.
    Who the fuck would drive a car with sooty cheap cousin sittting on your chest???
  • Naricussus
    Does it sound like they're saying "titty bear" to anyone else?
  • Bullet
    yip, sounds like titty bear to me which made me think it was a spoof and that women who saysher seatbelt cut into her that tight it felt like she could hardly breathe.......EH...........CMON give us a break maybe you had just crashed your car is why it felt so tight ya dumb bastard.

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