Commercial Break: Life is hell if you believe infomercials

The infomercial is an art form all of its own. Primarily existing to flog you stuff you didn’t even know you needed, the infomercial always hammers home its point by showing you the trouble and trauma that can come your way if you don’t own one of whatever piece of junk it is that they’re flogging.

Trips, slips, spillages, pain, fear and confusion are the mainstays of the infomercial. Luckily someone has compiled a montage of some of these genuine human tragedies for our amusement. No, sorry, not for our amusement, but to act as warnings about how dangerous everyday life can be.

Right, we're off to slice some tomatoes with a power drill. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?



  • Morocco
    Absolute gold
  • Alexis
    So, if I avoid onions, paint, burgers and spilling things for the rest of my life, I need never spend a penny on informercial crap. Ace.

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