Commercial Break: It's not Yoda Cola but it's not far off

It transpires that they’re re-releasing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace in 3D soon, although no one seems to know why. Think about it – the idiot Jar Jar Binks, lurching out of the screen at you in 3D. Our brain eyes are on the brink of bursting just from dwelling on it.

Luckily, George Lucas doesn’t give a flying toss about the ‘legacy’ of Star Wars and is quite content to farm out its characters to any company that wants a piece of them. Which brings us to this new advert for Brisk fizzy pop drink, where Darth Maul and Yoda have a bit of a drink-branded tussle.

Of course, the real question is, how long would it take a can of Brisk to dissolve a mouse…?


  • Zleet
    Much like the single gunner in the original trilogy deciding not to shoot an 'empty' escape pod and thus starting the fall of the empire, didn't Jar Jar create the empire by voting in Palpatine? They should put an extra scene in the original trilogy showing an aged Jar Jar being hunted down and strung up as a war criminal. Also if you want to see crazy Star Wars shit then youtube the 1978 holiday special.
  • Weevil
    In more Star Wars re-release shameful gimmickery, Belgians can grab themelves a delicious Darth Vader themed burger, complete with black bun...
  • Frank P.
    I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special some time ago and then had my eyes burned out with a hot poker and clubbed myself over the head several times with a steel bar in the hope of wiping my memory. It is right up there with "Caravan of courage - An Ewoks Adventure" and "Ewoks - Battle for Endor" . The acting and special effects are even worse than any movie on the SyFy channel you would endure. Nothing to see here, thank you.
  • Dick
    It's not a patch on the Star Wars Sea Chicken ad from Japan.

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