Commercial Break: Call Max! Unless you're a pack of jumped-up nobodies like us

Whenever your Bitterwallet correspondents get themselves into a sexual pickle, we like to turn to our old friend Max Clifford for his help in media damage limitation. Sadly, he doesn’t take our calls, because as he once said: “No one knows or cares who any of you are.”

Fine. Screw you Max. Don’t come crying to us next time an undercover documentary crew get inside your world and coax a few secret revelations out of you as they try to expose how the dark underbelly of the popular press in the UK works.

Because we won’t be interested. We’ll be too busy watching said documentary, Starsuckers, which is out on DVD shortly and on the nation’s More4 televisular service next Tuesday. You okay with that Max? Good.

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  • Tom P.
    Max is a parasite cnut.

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