Commercial Break: 83% of all ads now include Star Wars

1 February 2012

Lesson one of advertising these days is ‘if in doubt, wheel out some Star Wars stuff’. So here’s the new Kinect ad, due to appear as part of the US of America’s Superbowl celebrations.

It’s a recreation of the classic Star Wars scene when Darth Vader puts an end to the wacky antics of Orson Welles – or something. We’re not sure, we’ve never even seen Star Wars. But we DO know that George Lucas is keeping a very tight grip on its legacy and not enraging fanboys by licencing its shit out to all and sundry for some extra bucks.

Meh, whatever. If you ask us, the best use of dark side lately has been the Dwarf Vader series of ‘comedic shorts’ made by some British bloke. (NSFW)...

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  • Mike H.
    Stannah are considering using Yoda in their next advert. Apparently, Yoda has declined stating, "I can levitate, why fuck would I want a stair lift? fucking morons you are"
  • James D.
    it is an ad for kinect star wars however.
  • Dick
    That's Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec.

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