You can recycle your Sky box for money!

sky You may not know it, but you can recycle your Sky equipment and be rewarded for it. Of course, if your Sky box is filled with dead birds and covered in old gravy, they're not likely to take it. However, if not, it is definitely worth checking out if you can!

Over at Sky's dedicated page, you select your device, pop in your details and you can see what you're entitled to if you send it back to the company.

Sky will take care of the postage and all that, so you should check out what the score is.

You can get in on the offer if you're no longer an active Sky customer and resident in the UK who has equipment eligible for return. If you're a current customer, this doesn't apply to you sadly.

If you have a Sky+HD 2TB Set Top Box, you could get £20 for your troubles. Same amount is doled out for Sky+HD Set Top Box, and you can get £10 for a Sky HD Multiscreen Digibox or a Sky Hub 2.

You can actually get a free 32" LG TV when you choose from TV Bundles at Sky right now.


  • OlPeculier
    If I had a Sky box with a 2TB drive sitting in it, I'd be more inclined to open the thing up rather than get a paltry £20 for it.
  • Bob h.
    Ebay will generate more than this. Pathetic.
  • jaffacake
    a 2Tb sky box will fetch far more than 20 quid on eBay. If they are in good working order and cosmetic appearance, £100 seems easily achievable.

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