Calling occupants of interplanetary craft (who use Skype)

When I was a professional Star Trek: The Next Generation geek, I probably would have wet myself over one of these. Of course Skype hadn't been invented 15 years ago, so perhaps I wouldn't have. Anyway, if it had been, I'd have chewed your arm off at the ulnar collateral ligament to get me hands on one:

It's your classic ST communicator; plug it into your USB port and off you go, calling alien beings to discuss matters of intergalactic peace and Heisenberg compensators, stuff like that. You know. It's got mute and volume controls, a speakerphone option and plenty of ST sound effects too. A highly logical choice for VoIP communication, to cram in just one more cliched reference.

What's that you're saying? How's the ST addiction now? All cleared up, thanks. I can't watch that bullshit-baffles-brains a moment longer, even if Patrick Stewart is one of the finest actors to grace this Earth. Firefly and Battlestar Galactica, on the other hand...

[EverythingUSB] via [SlipperyBrick]


  • Martin
    Shame it isn't wireless.
  • Anna
    What's wrong with FF & BG? Check out Nathan Fillion's superb acting skills here:
  • Andy D.
    These are good
  • Paul S.
    @Anna I'm saying that those two shows have shown me the way; now I know what proper television looks like, not the sack of cack I got sucked into as a teenager. And PG Porn is perhaps the greatest invention to come out of Hollywood in years.
  • Paul S.
    I've just watched Roadside Ass-istance for the first time there. Superb.
  • Matt S.
    of course these are communicators from TOS not TNG but I assume you knew that somewhere.

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