Call for event ticketing reform to stop touts

12 January 2015

tickets Buying tickets for a sporting or music event is often wildly frustrating. When an event sells out, then punters find themselves looking for resales, and it is here that people from the world of entertainment and sports want a rethink.

They'd like to see new controls on websites selling event tickets and would like to see resellers publishing the names of ticket sellers and face value of tickets, in a bid to stop fans getting ripped off. There's a letter, which was published in the Independent which was signed by heads of sporting and cultural bodies, as well as the management companies of entertainers.

This is a bid to stop touts making a fast buck and, indeed, control the market that resells tickets for needlessly inflated prices. The Department of Culture, Media and Sport are on record as saying that they don't see a change in law happening, but the industry is pushing MPs to do something as secondary ticketing sites are able to add whatever surcharges they like, getting themselves a nice commission.

So, if these companies buy tickets for a popular event in bulk, they can resell them for profit, meaning that tickets at face-value aren't getting into the hands of the people trying to attend the event. This is undermining the efforts of sum to keep ticket prices fair.

The letter says: "It's high time the government stopped sticking up for secondary platforms, and decided to put fans first." They want to see measures that ensure secondary ticketing platforms publish; the name of the seller and whether they are affiliated to a larger organisation; the face value of the ticket; whether the resale contravenes terms and conditions agreed to by the original buyer and the seat number of the ticket.

These proposals have been suggested as a change to the Consumer Rights Bill

Of course, this would be a win for both sides - if a band cares about fans getting face-value tickets, they'll be happy. Also, it means profits go to the band's organisations, rather than being siphoned off by someone creating false demand.

The government's culture spokesman, Viscount Younger of Leckie, thinks that forcing companies to play along with this isn't needed, saying: "I believe that a voluntary approach with improved guidance and with better point-of-sale electronic means to control ticketing is the way forward."

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  • loafer1946
    Voluntary approach, right?? No doubt Viscount Leckie is safeguarding his job prospects with ticketing agencies when he leaves government.
  • Campattixoffice
    My cynical part thinks "first world problems" But yeah as punter just dont use or buy tickets from these people, refuse to pay anything but face value from online sellers and the problem will go away, it wouldnt take long for that approach to work. Or go to a cheaper gig, shop about you might find something you end liking a lot more for a tenth of the price. Of course that will never happen as many gigs and events I have been to in recent years where a large propotion of people are there because they simply had to been seen to be there without much interest in the event, wankers the lot of em but you know, they paid 4 times the tix price. I dont know if this is because the tickets were expensive or hard to come by so ego dictates they must go or because a band suddently get one popular song everyone must go - but it sucks balls for long term fans, those types of gigs usually suffer though as result, people give up trying to get tix or sell their tix for mark ups cos there mates cant get a ticket and all your left with is a large number of mid thirty/forty year old fat bastards, pissed up/drugged up stumbling over everyone five minutes after the band comes on, trying to regain their youths or some misgotten sense of cool for a band they dont know more than about 3 songs by whilst taking selfies and letting everyone know on their phones there at the gig (vast generalisation I know, but you know, its bitterwallet and Im being bitter). Whilst the kids and muso's are down at smaller venues for under a tenner and generally having a much better time.
  • notJohnTerry
    While I agree with the sentiments of Campattixoffice, that's a nice wall of text/rage. Maybe you should try wanking more often?
  • Jessie J.
    @ Campattixoffice Stop going to gigs, you mardi arsed fuckwit. Unless its one of mine. Its not about the money, money, money. (it is really)

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