But I Only Wanted To Watch Alan Titchmarsh And Video Countdown!

The big UK switchover to digital TV is underway. With the target of analogue switch-off by 2012, the transition is not going to be completely pain-free.

Rather than expose huge cities to the switchover early on, it’s the small, sleepier communities that are going digital first of all, so that the powers-that-be can iron out any issues that might arise.

Well here’s one. Let’s say you’re a 70-year old woman living on your own in the Scottish Border town of Peebles. You’ll be losing your analogue signal soon, but by now you should have invested in a set-top box or gone over to satellite digital or cable telly.

An old lady, possibly hospitalised by confusion

You’ll have had to shell out for it out of your own pocket, as there’s only financial assistance available if you’re over 75 or disabled (because 75-year old pensioners are so much more skint than the 65 year-olds aren’t they?) So, you’ve probably opted for the simplest Freeview set top box.

Well, let’s hope you weren’t planning to video a programme while you’re watching another one – because you can’t anymore. You could with your old analogue signal, but if you want to carry out that particularly not-very-tricky feat, you’ll need Sky+ or a similar PVR with a built-in hard drive. Plus you'll need to figure out how to work it.

Unless the government hand out basic PVRs to every household that expresses an interest in having one, the whole switchover will become a national scandal, as society’s have-nots get marginalised even further than they already are.

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  • bob b.
    I find it hard to feel for sorry for old folks, after all if they'd bothered to save for their retirement, they wouldn't be so skint, would they?

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