Burning CDs is illegal, again

20 July 2015

illegal-downloading You may have thought that you were completely at your ease, to rip CDs and the like, but think again! That's because a spectacularly pointless law has been brought back! That's right, a challenge from those forward thinking people of the music industry, has seen the UK's High Court overturning regulation that allows you to rip your own CDs (and DVDs) for personal use.

Even though most people take stuff straight from other places and load them straight onto their phones and other devices and haven't really needed CDs for ages now.

Apparently, the government was wrong when they didn't implement compensation for copyright holders when you put your albums on your hard-drive.

99.9% of people will be thinking; 'Aye, good luck catching me in the act, you stupid berks'.

The industry, which is desperately out of touch in many cases, think this is a big win for themselves and artists. They have been saying that 'format shifting' has been robbing the upright citizens of the music business out of £58 million, every year. The idiots.

Anyway, you carry on living your life exactly as you please and ignore this thoroughly pointless ruling.

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  • Noghar
    What's a CD?
  • jim
    most of the cds i bought years ago are all screwed now due to the smallest of scratches. or maybe a thumb print. or even some of the really early cds - the ink went through the plastic meaning now they are totally useless. so we have to buy them all again instead of ripping to hard drive. dear music industry giants - fuck off cds are a shit format - they dont last.
  • Warwick H.
    This dozy Govt with its finger on the pulse albeit a corpse.
  • Mark W.
    I will exploit the obvious loophole and archive all my music on minidisc and DAT. There!

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