BT kicks up stink with cheapo Sky Sports package

sky-sportsBT have launched a package which will allow you, dear armchair coach, to hurl abuse at professional sportsmen who know more about playing football than you do for as little as £6.99 a month (on top of the basic monthly subscription) with a cheap Sky Sports package.

You can get Sky Sports 1 for £6.99 a month or both Sky Sports 1 and 2 for £11.99. Of course, you have to sign up to other stuff like broadband and telephone for a minimum of two years, but still, the point is, this is cheaper than Sky and Virgin's packages.

That said, be aware that, if you're going for the BT package, customers will have to pay set-up charges of £60.

It seems to work out pretty well though as all that considered, a BT basic bundle that includes both Sky Sports channels and ESPN works out around £100 cheaper in the first year than the other options.

"With first year cost savings of over £100, BT has priced its Sky Sports 1 and 2 with ESPN offering to warrant serious consideration from anyone looking to bundle their TV with broadband and phone," says Michael Phillips of "If recent reports are true about Sky looking to increase its own channel pricing, then BT's new offering could look even more compelling."

In response to this, a clearly disgruntled Sky have bafflingly decided to raise prices for their sports channels, coming to effect in Autumn. Presumably, this is a sly way of raising the wholesale costs for BT. However, with potentially increased customers, BT may well be happy to run the project at a loss.

The interesting thing is seeing what people want. Most only want a Sky package for the football coverage, so they presumably won't mind ditching Sky 1 and Sky Movies. The fight is on and, knowing Murdoch, this could get very ugly indeed. We can only hope.



  • Adam
    Cleverly, Sky are going to be putting more key content onto Sky Sports 3, something these BT subscribers won't have access to...
  • Bullet
    Sky offered me HD, free installation and all the packages and all I had to pay was my first born son.
  • M4RKM
    Honestly I can't see why this is so good. It's all via broadband and if you live in the middle of fucking nowhere and can only just scrape 2mb with o2 and bt promises me a whopping 512kb, i'd rather spend more to get a reliable cheap Internet along with relaible expensive satellite tv.
  • CompactDistance
    Let's not forget Virgin, BT and the like invest absolutely nothing into the sports themselves. F*** them, I say.
  • dunfyboy
    Speeds are too slow on my exchange so BT can fuck off if they think they're going to win me over with this, and if Sky put up their prices for subscribers they can fuck off too. Although Virgin don't really have anything to do with this article, and don't even have cables installed where I live, they can fuck off too, just for being Virgin.

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