sky BSkyB is no more. Oh stop your rioting, it's just Sky now.

Yes, after 24 years, the unweildly BSkyB moniker is being ditched and all is being brought under the behemoth that is Sky.

This follows the news that the broadcaster has acquired Sky Italia and a controlling stake in Sky Deutchland, and is basically now 'Europe's largest entertainment company'.

The merging was first proposed back in July, but now all the parties involved have stopped being coy and finally decided to announce they are a thing now after months of red tape hassles.

Both Sky Italia and Sky Deutchland were under the ownership of 21st Century Fox, which holds a 39.1% stake in the company formerly known as BSkyB.

James Murdoch, co-chief operating officer of 21st Century Fox said: "We have always believed that a combination of the European Skys would create enormous benefits for the combined business and for our shareholders,"

"Ultimately, a pan-European Sky is good for customers, who will benefit from the accelerated technological innovation and enhanced customer experience made possible by a fully integrated business."

Sky now holds a customer base of more than 20 million across UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany and Austria.

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  • tin
    YAY! Pan-european harmonised satellite broadcasting!! Oh wait, we already had that and Sky dismantled it for profit in the early 90s.

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