Brits pay more to watch premium TV than any other country

12 December 2013

tv_3004_narrowweb__300x373,0 The cost of watching premium pat-TV in Britain (such as Sky and the like) is significantly more than anywhere else in the world, according to research.

So, if you want to watch live sports or the latest Hollywood films, you'll have to stump up more than people in the US and the rest of Europe. Hardly seems fair does it?

Ofcom found that British consumers pay an average of £66 per month for the 'best offer' subscriptions (this is defined as including the "best package of top league football" as well as films and HD TV), coughing up more than twice the amount paid by consumers in the cheapest nation surveyed.

Germany is the cheapest with an average of £27 per month, while the Spanish pay £49, followed by the US with £47, then Italy and France who pay  £40 and £35 respectively, according to Ofcom's annual communications market report.

It does balance out slightly if you look at mobile and broadband services however.

Ofcom found that in the UK, we pay less than Europe and America for our phones and internet connection, and noted that UK consumers get a decent deal on basic television packages compared to the rest of the world. If you want the best in Britain, it'll cost you.



  • Mike O.
    More confirmation of rip-off Britain.
  • Tits M.
    Who the fuck pays £66 a month for TV? I've not paid more than £28 for the entire sky package the last 2 years. If you're too lazy to ask for a deal, then you deserve to be fucked over. All that statistic says is there are more thick twats in the UK than anywhere else in world, which I can believe.
  • klingelton
    did we factor the TV license fee (tax) into that as well?
  • james d.
    I see mike oxsore just read the part that met his pre-existing ideology and glossed over the part about us having very cheap broadband and basic TV packages. This is just because of the escalating bids for premiership football. Take that out of the equation and I reckon it would be pretty cheap.
  • Peter P.
    @ Tits McGee For £28 per month your still getting fucked over
  • hotmail r.

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