Blockbuster planning to sell electronic goods

25 September 2010

Bitterwallet - Blockbuster Video US movie rental giant Blockbuster might be up to their necks in the brown gooey stuff across the pond but over here, they’re going from strength to strength… sort of.

The American arm of Blockbuster have just filed for bankruptcy and are $900 million in debt, but their non-American operations are a separate entity and are about to expand their ‘offering’.

Over here, Blockbuster have announced that they’re going to start selling mobile phones, iPods and TV sets along with the continuation of DVD, Blu-ray and games rentals. A TV-selling trial in 10 of their stores has proved to be successful enough for them to expand it to a further 25 in the near future and they have said that talks will mobile phone companies are ongoing with a view to them flogging phones from next year.

Will it work? Will any of you change your habits and visit Blockbuster for electronic goods or are they just good for DVD rental and popcorn?

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  • zleet
    With the advent of Lovefilm some people would rather wait to have a DVD delivered than journey to the local Blockbuster. I've never understood why Blockbuster have never looked at this and thought 'we could deliver faster than that'. Order DVD's and overpriced popcorn online or over the phone then have it delivered by some numpty on a scooter twenty minutes later. They could just give freepost envelopes for people to return the DVD's or money off rental vouchers if they hand them in at the actual Blockbusters.
  • warwick h.
    If the price is right why not ? with all the downloading they need to diversify
  • bawbag
    Too little too late, put them on Deathwatch.
  • PFC H.
    "I’ve never understood why Blockbuster have never looked at this and thought ‘we could deliver faster than that’. " Blockbuster DO have a home rental service like Love FIlm, I have one of their rentals, delivered to my door, just yesterday.
  • zleet
    @PFC Hudson I meant why not deliver like a pizza from the local Blockbuster rather than on a monthly subscription via the website. I'd much rather have a DVD in my hand in under an hour for standard rental charge than have to wait a few days for it to come through the post.
  • Inspector G.
    The margins on electronics are wafer thin. The likes of Currys et al are only able to survive because they're good at selling HDMI cables and extended warranties. I can't see Blockbuster being more successful than them.
  • Phil
    Blockbuster do seem to be crying out for an "all you can eat" model. If they could do unlimited DVD rentals for, say, £20 a month, I'd dump my Lovefilm subscription in a heartbeat (if the bastards hadn't made it nigh on impossible to cancel!) Can't help thinking that flogging tellys and ipods is a recipe for disaster. If you current business model is getting it's arse kicked by online services, surely the last thing you want to do is move into another market that's already heavily populated by online sellers you can't hope to compete with?
  • marky m.
    It doesn't really matter if Blockbuster DO have a DVD-by-post service. Lovefilm (far and away the market leader and supplier to the supermarkets' own label rental service) are already moving on from that and into direct streaming/downloads. And iTunes are already there. Sorry Blockbuster - you were best when you were still called Ritz and you could rent a VHS for 50p during the day as long as you got it back before 6pm.
  • Kevin
    Blockbuster were a year or two behind Lovefilm et al with the postal delivery, and the online delivery service so they aren't peoples first port of call. Even now they still come across to me as somewhere where you might get a film but more that you'll get the popcorn, drinks etc from them. That'll you can buy ex rental copies, not really new movies as it's cheaper to just buy them now. Why don't I go to the real Blockbusters shop? Because there's less of them now!
  • tfeb
    with LoveFilm et al I'm surprised Blockbuster is still going strong. Maybe its just a bit more time before they fold or at least turn into an online operation. Just thinking about it I'm actually quite qurprised some giant like Asda or Tesco havnt started up an in store rental service. I mean they do everything else!
  • Mozell A.
    Charley Nunnenkamp
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