Blind contestant from The Voice gets interesting biography title

Remember that young woman who appeared on The Voice (Ha! As if anyone watched it!) who was pretty much blind? Well, she's got a book out (problematic in itself) and, the publishers for some inexplicable reason have decided to give it the tasteless/funny/dark/delete as applicable title of: "I Didn't See That Coming'

andrea begley


Presumably, rejected titles included 'Blind As A Bat', 'A Sight For Sore Eyes', 'Turning A Blind Eye' and 'Having a Braille of the time'. And if you don't believe it and think it's a Photoshop job or want to buy it,  click here, if you like.



  • David J.
    She is from n.ireland and that was probably used on purpose. We love our dark humor.
  • Harold
    Of course it was used on purpose, what the flip is this actually real?

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