Behold EE's new set-top box

ee EE's new TV set-top box quite literally hit the shops today.

The box is basically a Freeview type affair, with some novel catch-up and second screen features. You'll also be able to pause and rewind live Freeview as well as stream channels to second screens such as your tablet

If you're already an EE customer, then you qualify for one for free, well if you're a subscriber anyway.

In order to qualify for a freebie, EE customers should know you'll also have to stump up for a monthly £15.75 line rental fee, and that the £9.95 broadband plan is only for a maximum 17Mbps service.

However for 38Mbps fibre broadband it's £19.95 and for 76Mbps you'll be paying £29.95, although again, availability on those plans will depend on where you live.

Also, if you're a long suffering EE customer seeing these glimmers of wonder while you wait to get out of your contract, signing up for EE TV and home broadband will qualify you for a 10GB or 20GB boost in your 4G data allowance, depending on your plan.

EE reckon the box is worth £300 new, to which we stroke our chins and say "yeeeeah right".

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