Beatles Available On iTunes, World Doesn't Gasp

beatles-museum-liverpoolApple have been teasing everyone about something new and big and pretty much everyone with even the vaguest interest assumed that they'd done a deal with The Beatles.

And they have.

The 'major' iTunes announcement was supposed to be at 3pm (GMT) today, but it's gone out early. To clarify -  The Beatles' back catalogue is now available on the iTunes Store.

Albums are £10.99 each with single tracks available for 99p. If you prefer to bulk buy, you can get a digital Beatles Box Set for £125 with all 13 studio albums, two volumes of Past Masters all with notes, sleeves, photos and blah blah. Oh, there's a video of the band's 1964 Washington Coliseum gig knocking around too.

Who knows if this is a marriage forever, or whether it'll be a limited thing before The Fab's estate realise that they could essentially sell their own stuff on their own through their own website without the help of anybody else, time will only tell.

Still, its a slight improvement on the limited-edition USB drive thing that came out last year. And obviously, this will stop people from downloading The Beatles' backcat illegally won't it? Yes. Of course!

Meanwhile, it's left to FOX News to break the true exclusive that'll have Beatles fans up in arms:

Bitterwallet - FOX News: the Beatles are from Manchester


  • PokeHerPete
    If anyone wanted their albums, they would fucking have them by now!
  • Thomas C.
    I know it's a day early, but...
  • Fred
    Manchester! It doesn't take much work to do a little research on something I would have assumed is common knowledge!
  • PaulH
    Manchester Fail
  • Nobby
    Surely everyone knows there are three cities in the UK. Londun, Manchester, and Edinburra.
  • Ben
    Tiresome. As pointed out, the Beatles content has been freely available on CD for ages, and FREELY available online for those that care. What die hard fan is going to part with £125 for a slightly higher quality MP3 rip of the band? drooling morons, that's who. The recording industry. A day late and a dollar short since 2005.
  • Mr G.
    Nobby, you fool: it's pronounced EDIN-BERG
  • Mark C.
    Why the hell would I want to pay £10.99 for a Beatles album, when I could legitimately pick up most of them on CD from Amazon for a fiver or so and then rip them?
  • Dave D.
    Great! That means I can buy their seminal album 'Colonal Mustard's Lonesome Pancreases Group Pop Group' from iTunes. Can't wait.

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