BBC turns blind eye to rebel TV licensing celebs?

The Times Online has run an article worthy of the tabloids announcing, "Public figures refusing to pay TV the fee are being let off to avoid making them heroes." The article suggests several well-known figures including Noel Edmonds are not being prosecuted for their public refusal to pay TV licensing fees.

There may be an argument for TV licensing fees (let's hammer that out in the comments) but there is no excuse for the bullying tactics employed against those who don't register. There is a sad public complacency about the powers private companies have been given under mandate from the government to enforce this fee. How many other government enterprises run on the premise that citizens are guilty until proven innocent? From personal experience I have been there, done that, with TV Licensing. I declined to prove to the TV Licensing enforcement team that I do not have a TV (which I don't nor do I watch it through receiving equipment) in order to stop the flow of threatening letters. The letters themselves are phrased with the supposition that anyone without a TV License is definitely in breach of the law - there is no room in the letters for the possibility a person may simply not have a TV. This eventually culminated in TV Licensing visiting my flat to which I declined to let them in (everyone should understand you have the right to deny entry without reasonable grounds).

Bitterwallet definitely does not advocate breaking the law and if a person is in possession of TV receiving equipment or otherwise accessing TV they should be prepared to pay the fee or pay the penalty for refusing to do so. However, it is essential that we do know our rights and where the government is crossing the line.

That being said - Noel Edmonds should definitely be abused equally to the rest of us when he publicly states he won't pay TV Licensing.

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  • HanTot
    Just like the time he killed Clive Anderson, Noel gets away with murder again!
  • Andy D.
    For those who don't remember it...
  • Anna
    I do have a TV, but I only use it for watching DVDs. I pay for Lovefilm DVD rental, etc. It’s not hooked up to an aerial or any of the digital TV services. On HotUKDeals, there are quite a few misprices on big screen TVS from Dixons and the like... and I usually try my luck. Except every time I do, this automatically means I get another ransom demand from the TV license people, who think I have bought a TV, and want money out of me (even though the orders are always cancelled!). I keep having to repeatedly phone and tell them that I do not watch TV, I do not receive any TV signal, so I won’t pay the license, which is perfectly legal. They always say someone may come round and inspect the premises, which they still have not yet done. They’re perfectly welcome to do so. Even though I’m perfectly in the right, the call centre staff always make me feel inexplicably guilty when they go on about how much you can be fined for giving false information! It’s like they really don’t believe me…
  • David P.
    If you have a TV and don't have a TV license, make sure it's not tuned in to any TV channels (should show white static).

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