Are Netflix upping their prices?

netflix logo Netflix have been having a good time of it of late, adding customers all over the planet - they got themselves 5.59 million new customers in the three months up to the start of 2016, which has them standing at over 74 million people giving them money every month.

Aside from the irritating geographical differences in the service, and the blocks on VPNs that are being enforced, there's another fly in the ointment; those who have subscribed to Netflix for a long time could see their payments increasing.

Now, this is USA-only at the minute, but what usually happens is that something gets rolled out in America, and then the same things is implemented in the UK.

So what's happening? Well, those on what is known as 'grandfathered' plans (sounds dodgy, but it means those who signed-up ages ago, before newer pricing plans were brought in) who were paying $7.99 for HD streaming will now have a choice to make - they can either stick with paying the same amount, but only get 'standard definition', or they can pay $9.99 a month for HD.

Netflix said, when asked about people jumping ship, perhaps to Amazon's similar service: "Given these members have been with us at least 2 years, we expect only slightly elevated churn."

Like we said, this is America-only at the minute, but those on similar plans in the UK and elsewhere, will no doubt get a similar offer very soon. Start weighing up what you want to do, now.

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