Apple TV put back 'til 2016

apple Apple have had to put back the release of their internet TV service that they basically copied off Netflix, but with added live broadcasts. The company announced their plans a while back, and the service would revolve around the Apple TV set-top box, and offer you films and some live TV.

These plans have been pushed back to 2016, thanks to the tricky and difficult world of TV executives and getting the rights for shows.

It was thought that the TV service would launch in September with a new phone, as well as an updated version of their Apple TV hardware.

What will the new hardware be like? Well, it seems that it'll have a redesign remote, bigger storage and Siri voice control. You can expect Apple to give it a specific bit off the App Store as well.

Of course, Apple have got form when it comes to getting rights and dealing with awkward CEOs - just look at the way Apple have become a major player in the world of music. If they can do for television, what they've done for music, then Apple are going to make a frightening amount of money in the process.

How much will Apple charge for a monthly subscription, that's the big question.

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