Amazon to make their own Chromecast?

20 March 2014

amazon-logo There's a lot of muttering about a potential Amazon release, which basically, is a copy of Google's Chromecast.

Initially, everyone thought Amazon would be doing their own take on Apple TV, but instead of a set-top box, it looks like they'll be favouring a dongle.

Other rumours suggest that Amazon's version will have support for streaming PC game titles.

With Roku launching their own device, it looks like wireless streaming competition is only going to get hotter from here on. With Amazon having their own marketplace for movies, games and everything else under the sun, they're a real competitor for the Chromecast.

Amazon have been selling shedloads of Chromecasts too, with largely good reviews, so they'll know what the appetite for these products is.

However, when Amazon turned the Kindle into a tablet, it came with its own unique problems - mainly the lack of the Google Play store and a imposing ads and the like - so if Amazon want to muscle in on the Chromecast market, they're going to have to play it carefully.

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