Amazon get into the festival spirit by offering albums for £1

21 June 2011

Look at these pricks

Are you going to Glastonbury this weekend? Are you one of those jarringly irritating people who is counting down to the smugfest using the number of sleeps you'll be having as a unit of cloying measurement?

Well, if you are, there's a good chance you don't buy much music so Amazon are on hand to help you out a little.

They've created a Glastonbury Store which offers CD and MP3 albums for cheap. As of now, and if they've got any sense, they'll run this for a few months up to Reading/Leeds in August, where you can buy albums for £1.

Now, there is a slight catch. The quid LPs are part of a One Day deal on selected Glastonbury artists. So, yesterday, you could've bagged the Chemical Brothers' 'Push The Button' long player for one Earth pound, but today, it is some Australian outfit called Tame Impala who we've never heard of. It sounds like a cowardly harpoonist or something.

Of course, this being a Glastonbury based sale, there's a lot of dross to wade through, but in amongst the awful Paulo Nutini and Elbow records, there's bound to be some gems.

Click here and press the Go To Deal button. Okay? And have a wash you stinking grebo before your feet fall off.

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  • Dick
    Was the audience asked the question "What shape is your minge?"?
  • jason m.
    i think they are at a Jay-Z concert!!! HOVA HOVA HOVA.
  • Ritch
    "Can anyone here Triforce?"
  • Some p.
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