Amazon Fire TV price drop 'til midnight

Amazon Fire TV price drop 'til midnight

In a bid to promote the new Jeremy Clarkson (& Co) show, The Grand Tour, Amazon have decided to drop the price of their Amazon Fire TV.

It is only until midnight tonight (today being 20th September 2016, if you're reading this late), and you'll get £25 off, bagging the set-top box for £9.99.

Now, you'll need to sign-up with Amazon Prime, so this will only apply to those who have been thinking about getting that, and the monthly subscription fees that come with it.

So, if you're a massive fan of Jeremy Clarkson (we're sure there are some of you out there), you'll only be able to watch his new show on Amazon - it won't be broadcast anywhere else.

Unless of course, you can get it on a hooky site, or on a torrent.

Prime costs you £79.99 a year to subscribe, but if you sign up today, you'll be able to get Fire TV for just £9.99, when it usually costs £34.99.

Amazon say: "The Fire TV stick is available for £34.99 from but to celebrate The Grand Tour coming to Amazon Prime Video on 18 November, customers who sign up for a year of Prime will save £25 on a Fire TV Stick."

"This offer is available for two days only, until 23:59 on 20 September at ."

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