Amazon Fire TV, available for £79

amazon fire Amazon Fire TV and gaming gadget is available in the UK for £79 - they're serious about challenging Netflix, Apple TV and Co aren't they?

If you buy it, you'll get a host of apps including Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Vevo and Sky News. Others will be added before the year is out.

As for gaming, the launch titles include Minecraft, The Walking Dead and the Android versions of Grand Theft Auto games. You might need a controller for certain titles, which will set you back an extra £34.99.

Amazon reckon that Fire has three times the power of an Apple TV and it has a number of nifty things. The remote, for example, has a microphone built-in, which means you can bark instructions at it to find your favourite shows or whatever.

Another thing it used is the Amazon WhisperSync function, which means that, if you've been watching something on your tablet, Fire will pick up where you left off if you'd rather watch it on the big screen. It works in the other direction too. One great idea is the Amazon ASAP function which pre-loads content for you if you have trouble with buffering.

You can pick one up at Amazon here if it sounds like the kind of thing you'd like.

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