All hail TV for dogs!

20 April 2012

We recently brought you the wonders of Cool For Cats, a ‘TV channel’ that is specifically tailored to the needs of your cats – because as we all know, cats are incredibly needy and get bored very easily. In the interests of balance, we must now turn our attention to the opposite of the cat – the dog.

It seems that the dogs cannot be left out of things and we’re lucky enough to now have DogTV as well, with a wide range of programming for your pooch. Like the cat, dogs have seemingly never shown any real interest in watching telly before, but hey, it’s never too late for them to start.

Here’s a snippet from the ‘Relaxation' show - why not lie down on the floor with your mutt while you watch this and drift away into a state of sheer bliss?


  • Mike H.
    My bitch loves to watch TV, right after she's finished washing the dishes. Emmerdale's on love!...
  • amazon s.
    Not as good as PussyTV
  • The B.
    TV for dogs already exists, why else would Katie Price have her own show?
  • Zleet
    The real question is, can I masturbate to it? The answer is yes.

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