All hail TV for cats!

FINALLY! Cat owners need no longer worry that their pets are becoming bored and unstimulated while they’re out at work. That’s because there’s a new TV service designed just for the feline nuisances.

Cats of the UK are bound to put a stop to their napping and mooching about and pretending to be perfectly content with the arrival of ‘Cool For Cats’ from Peter Neville (even it it is only a minute long). You’ll note that Peter’s eyes even turn into those of a cat at 12 seconds in, so he clearly knows what he’s talking about…


  • Mike H.
    I love watching pussy on TV.
  • glamb
    Is it just me, or do one of those cats look like a massive penis ? I mean what were these people thinking!! Well, I'm pretty sure we know what they were.
  • Frank P.
    The video would have been more entertaining had it featured foxes playfully licking each other.
  • graeme
    Yeah, I saw a penis too, didn't want to say like, you know, becasue of all the stick I got for seeing peni everywhere, what a cock I am!
  • Her L.
    Does it really need a soundtrack other than birds tweeting?
  • Aunt S.
    That presenter... that was the man... who exposed himself... at the tube station! Or at least looks like him. I'm not sure now.
  • bananas
    Did he have a penis ?

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