All hail the YouView set top box thing!

_61346829_scrollback YouView! YouView is finally here! You know, the internet TV service that gives you Freeview telly along with loads of on-demand content! The thing that they’ve been planning for nearly three years! It’s HERE!

The set top box will be made by Humax and as well as giving you Freeview channels, it will allow you to catch up with the past few days’ TV from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Yes, sort of like how laptops and tablets and games consoles work. Best of all, the set top box will only set you back £299. WHAT?? Yes, £299, although cheaper versions of the box, subsidised by TalkTalk and BT and offered as part of a broadband bundle, will follow later this year.

All aboard the YouView boat! No, it’s NOT sinking already…


  • klingelton
    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • klingelton
    wait... I'm not done yet... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
  • Inspector G.
    Yes £299 to buy up front or 'free' when you sign up to their top broadband pack 'saving' £300. Also 'loads of on-demand content' probably means pay per view movies that are more expensive than buying and owing the actual DVD
  • Pizza A.
    "YouView is finally here!" "The set top box will be made by Humax" Contradictory statements there... if it IS finally here then surely you mean "The set top box IS made by Humax"....
  • Mr M.
    I was just wondering what difference this has to my freesat with iplayer and all the others, not even wi-fi then eh!
  • Sawyer
    If it's here, why am I taking part in a trial? They only delivered my box on Monday... For what it's worth, it's quite good, but I can't imagine it offers any less than others boxes that cost such a silly price.
  • Wonkey H.
    I paid £80 for a human box for half an hour the other evening.
  • Sicknote
    I see in the press this morning that monkey scrotum face Alan Sugar has nailed his balls to this; seems to be some scathing that the tech is already out of date with no WIFI

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