All hail the Dark Vador burger - or perhaps not

Looking for something deeply unappetising to go with your mouse-filled can of Mountain Dew? Why not chow down on this troubling Dark Vador burger, coming to branches of French fast food chain Quick as of 1st February March. It looks as though it’s been in the oven for a year or so but hey, we’re sure it tastes great.

dark vador

Yesterday they were showing us pictures of naked men on child-filled beaches, and now this? France, what ARE you like??


  • Mike H.
    So they're asking you to choose black of white? That's racist. Not being offered the choice is also racist.
  • heywood j.
    They'll just drown the fuckers in mayo anyway.
  • Steve
    Just as a note, is Mars not March in French - either the ad is wrong or.... sadly Andy may be!
  • br04dyz
    ok ill say it.....the sauce is strong with that one
  • Dick B.
    I had a bright yellow bunned Simpsons burger at Quick a couple of years back.
  • Marc
    Steve, pretty sure "jusqu'au" means "until", so it's probably February until March. So you're wrong.
  • Rob
    It should come with orange 'lightsaber' fries.
  • Limeyfrog
    yep, it's true, but it should be noted that a 14 year old boy died after eating in one of their restaurants in Avignon last year. The autopsy didn't reveal anything but many people have been staying away. It's a gimmick to boost numbers - I wouldn't let my kids eat that stuff. p.s. I live in France.

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