50p extra for Netflix

netflix-transparent TV and movie pusher, Netflix, are upping their prices by 50p for all new subscribers. Looks like someone is trying to raise money to pay three ex-Top Gear presenters for something or other, right?

Anyway, if you haven't signed up with Netflix yet, it'll cost you £7.49 a month for access to the Standard option. Or, if you don't want extra accounts and HD options, then you can pay for the £5.99 deal.

Of course, there's the 'free' first month for new subscribers, as per, but you'll you'll be paying 50p more once that's up.

You might not mind though, because you might be thinking that you'll actively save money because, instead of going down the pub, you'll spend all your free time on the sofa, working your ass-groove while binge watching Orange Is The New Black.

So there you go.

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