50% of people post online TV show spoilers

8 July 2014

game-of-thrones According to a survey by people with nothing better to do, three quarters of us have had the plotlines of TV shows ruined by people on social networks.

Game of Thrones is the most spoiled programme (KING JOFFREY IS A WOMAN!), followed by Breaking Bad (IT’S NOT THAT GREAT!) and The Walking Dead (NEVER SEEN IT, IS IT GOOD?).

And half of us admit that we can’t resist sharing sensitive plot information with the world via Facebook and Twitter.

Researchers at VoucherCodesPro polled 2749 people about their viewing habits, and found that 77% of people watched their favourite shows for an average of 10-15 hours a week. But they only watched scheduled, traditional telly for 5.5 hours.

74% said that they’d had a TV show ruined by online spoilers, because audiences in America had seen it before then and discussed it on social media. BOO HOO.

Perhaps if people used those 20 hours a week of watching telly to do something more interesting they wouldn't be sitting around boring everybody about spoilers. And they might smell a tiny bit less of overpowering armpit cheddar.

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  • Arnie
    "followed by Breaking Bad (IT’S NOT THAT GREAT!) " so wrong.
  • Samantha
    Bruce Willis is a ghost! Also this is why piracy, so you can watch a show at roughly the same time the Americans do and not have it spoiled.
  • furq
    Spoiler alert - Pam Ewing dreamed the whole 9th season of Dallas
    furq you absolute bastard

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