3D TV is bad for your eyes. Who'd have thunk it?

sky-3dtv-football-andy-gray-3d-glasses We might not be going too far out on a limb here, but we reckon that 3D telly might be doomed. Partly because it’s expensive, partly because you have to wear the stupid glasses and now, partly because it could KILL YOU.

Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration but some new research, funded by Samsung (who make 3D TVs) says that it can cause eye fatigue and strain, with 3D watchers having less visual clarity than those who had watched a 2D video.

The disparity between the depth of the screen and the depth of the 3D image caused the most problems, though researchers also found the relationship between image depth and nearness of the screen also played a role in eye strain.

But the great news for cineastes is that 3D is more comfortably viewed in a theatre than in a living room. Which could all mean that while 3D movies are here to stay, the small-screen version could end up being a flash in the pan.

We continue to await the arrival of little holograms that we can hold in our palms, like in Star Wars...


  • Richard
    they got an entire 24 participants to complete the study which involved watching a video and filling out a questionnaire. I could have funded that FFS... scratch that, I could have run that and it would have been just as meaningless as this one. :-P
  • Phil
    If 3d wasn't just an attempt to get us to buy new tvs/pay more for the cinema I might be bothered but as it is I'll just stick with 2d. (Even with avatar 3d didn't add anything to the film.)
  • pusy p.
    "didn't add anything to the film"...........**face palm** because there was so much there in the first place ?????

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