3D films without glasses anyone?

22 August 2012

This is the kind of interesting thing people will shoot on their 3D cameras

The worst thing about watching 3D films is that you instantly become one of those arseholes who wears sunglasses indoors. And if you got to an IMAX screen, you have to keep your head perfectly still or sections of the screen fall in-and-out of focus.

With that, there's potentially good news (or the potential for a different set of irritations) in the form of newly developed technology that could see us all watching 3D films without special specs on.

Researchers in South Korea have come up with a system that mimics the technology used in 3D television sets.

"This new method seems to be a viable one for providing glasses-free 3D environment with front-projection technology - instead of using multiple projectors, it only uses one," said Prof John Koshel from the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona, who edited the study for publication.

Normal 3D films use stereoscopy, which means projecting two 2D-images through a special filter. 3D TVs meanwhile, use something called a "parallax barrier", which is the placing of a barrier in front of the image source which has slats in it, like a blind. These slats are angled in a way that you end up with a 3D image in your eyeballs... but only when you sit in a designated spot.

So, this new technology aims to recreate that sweet spot for a hundred faces sat before a cinema screen. This has been done by covering the screen with a special coating and combining it with an adapted barrier so that, in theory at least, it can accommodate a bigger audience.

The lead scientist Byoungho Lee, professor at Seoul National University, said that more research was necessary, but the technology "might constitute a simple, compact, and cost-effective approach to producing widely available 3D cinema, while also eliminating the need for wearing polarising glasses".

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  • Mustapha S.
    So basically a huge nintendo 3ds?
  • Darren
    haha oh come on, this is so 6 months ago, as Mr Shit said, the 3ds... But yes they have had 3D TV's without glasses for a good 6 months.
  • Mr. P.
    I didn't realise 3D TVs were even still around. Are Sky still doing the 3D channels, or have they jacked it in too?

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